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What to Wear!!!

I think one of the most daunting tasks about a senior shoot is figuring out what to wear; this should help you sort things out a bit more!!

1) Make sure the clothes reflect YOU!!!  You want the photos to be about who you are, if you’re wearing something that feels like a costume your discomfort will show in your photos!

2) On the topic of being comfortable, you definitely want to test out your clothes and make sure you can move around in them.  You’re going to be in some poses that you probably won’t naturally do so you want to make sure you have full range of motion!

3) How many outfits!?  I find 3-5 outfits to be pretty much perfect!  It gives you a good range of look options.  I generally recommend choosing at least one dressy, one casual, and one random fun outfit.  All other options are bonuses!

4) Don’t be afraid of color and patterns!!!  I wouldn’t recommend breaking out that Hawaiian shirt or neon spandex that’s stashed in your closet but other than that anything is game!

5) Accessorize!  I cannot stress enough the important of keeping  your necklaces/earrings/watches/belts/ and SHOES (bit one there) in mind!!!  They can really complete an outfit!

6) If you’re unsure ask your photographer!! I LOVE seeing what my seniors have planned beforehand so that I can style the shoot locations around those outfits!  I’d say about 75% of my seniors have sent me shots of their outfits prior to the shoot to give me an idea of what amazing backgrounds I’ll be looking to pair with what they’ve chosen!


Now onto some amazing examples from past seniors!!!

Rylee’s session came around and I died.  I wanted to burn all of my clothes and have her replace my wardrobe for me.  The outfits she chose were very different from each other and gave her a wide varity of images.   One big thing that she kept in mind was to make sure to accessorize according to the outfit and bring a pop of color to every outfit as well!  Plus those booties with the teal skirt= yes!!!  I feel like her personality and style really came through in everything that she chose!

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I LOVED Conner’s outfit choices.  One big thing that stood out to me while photographing him is the confidence that came through.  This ties back into being comfortable in what you choose to wear, if you are, it shows!!  I think the sweater was a great and classy edition to his session and the bowtie absolutely killed it!  He stuck to more neutral colors but made sure that there was still added interest in his outfits!

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Maddie had disclosed to me that choosing outfits for her shoot was hard for her and I would have had NO IDEA!!  Her dress was a great example of the fact that the ‘no pattern’ rule can be completely broken (seriously silly rule) and every outfit she choose complimented her skin tone and hair!!  The scarf + the booties were perfect for the downtown portion of her shoot and the blue in the cardigan brought out her eye color like crazy!!

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I loved all the different feelings of Preston’s outfit choices!  The one on the far right with the army boots was SO different and I LOVE it (plus doesn’t it work so well with the location we found to shoot in for it?!).  The bottom picture with the deep blue paisley dress shirt is once again a great example of why you can absolutely rock a pattern during a shoot. It draws you right in and adds additional interest to the photo 100% fantastic choice.  He also had some killer shoes I didn’t feature here!

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I loved all the different looks in Carlee’s and the colors she brought!  The red dress was PERFECT in the field of goldenrod I stuck her in and I feel like the tank + white shorts is one of the cutest outfits I’ve ever shot!!  One great piece she brought was her dance team jacket!  If you have something that’s important to you, a jersey, a dance outfit, band attire, maybe a hoodie from a college you already know you’re going to, bring it with, let’s get a shot of it!!

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